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ARTISTIC LINK are the sole Irish agents for Lloyd Loom of Spalding.


 At the very core of Lloyd Loom's extensive furniture range lies a fundamental principle which merits explanation.  The company and its workforce are unswervingly committed to the elements of total quality, which undoubtedly result in an end product demonstrably superior to its competitors. 

Several models feature upholstered  seats, which can be covered either in one of a carefully selected range of furnishing fabrics or, alternatively, in a material of the customer's own choice, providing fire regulations are met.  The woven fibre fabric itself can be supplied  in one of many standard colours, and a bespoke service can be provided for individual projects where a particular colour or finish is required.

In addition, a variety of attractive finishing touches are available, which enable the purchaser to tailor a model to suit their own interior scheme.  Table tops can be supplied in either solid beechwood or woven fibre fabric, different cushion styles may be ordered, and solid brass, stainless steel or copper ferrules can be specified for legs.

     This devotion does not merely extend to the more obvious aspects of product quality, such as the care exercised in sanding, spraying or finishing, but also to a deeper level of excellence which is not immediately apparent.

       All models utilise high quality European beechwood frames, steamed and bent using the latest technology.


    The woven fibre fabric, manufactured in-house and used exclusivly by Lloyd Loom of Spalding in all models, has no equal in terms of quality and endurance

Each item of fabric is hand-built by skilled craftsmen to exacting standards of workmanship.   The models are constantly individually inspected for quality by successive operatives throughout the manufacturing process, which ensures the strictest possible control of the finished product.

Based on the original designs and construction methods the furniture is exceptionally comfortable, supportive and easy to live with.  The woven fibre will not crack, split or splinter in use, and will never sag or lose its shape.