Artistic Link

SD Displays - essential accessories

ARTISTIC LINK are the sole Irish agents for SD Display Systems.

An essential accessory in business for products and brochures or as an aid to meetings and company gatherings. The range and variety available from SD Displays offers endless opportunity for promotion.

Plaza Slat Wall Displays

These Slat Wall displays offer a very simple way to merchandise products at exhibitions or in showrooms. The 120cm x 60cm panels are supported by steel T-legs and can be easily linked to form different staight-line or right-angled configurations. All standard sheld accessories will fit these slat walls.

A slim, stylish walk-around unit like this would make an ideal focal point in any showroom or stand

This eye-catching display incorporates boldly coloured Velcro-compatible panels with strong, secure product shelves on a straight 3 x 3 frame.

Plaza Display Shelving

Plaza Shelving is lightweight, portable, modular and highly adaptable for both literature and product displays. Free-standing kits are available in three heights and two widhts, with or without header panels.


The best-selling, ever popular TT370 features 70cm x 50cm panels.